Thursday, November 13, 2008

Life is very short and there's no time for fussing and fighting.

I have just learned that Mitch Mitchell, one of the best rock drummers of all time was found dead of natural causes in a hotel room in Portland. what a sad sad thing. as a younger man, when I was still playing drums for a living, Mitch Mitchell was setting the world on fire with his ferocious drumming. he was unique. just listen to manic depression. wow!

as a young drummer my strongest influences were ringo, mitch mitchell, michael giles, and bill bruford (in chronological order).

a few years ago I met mitch at a mike gallaher gig here in nashville.
the next day he came out to StudioBelew for the afternoon.
we jammed together and spent some time talking about the jimi experience.
mitch wanted me to sell him one of my cars!
I will never forget the honor of meeting him.


  1. rip mitch!

    i was just the other day thinking "why don't we hear more from mitch mitchell?"

    now my heart is broken to know that we will hear him no more!

    greg gillette

  2. I remember the first time I heard the short commercial tune "Fire"... It has always been one of my favorite jams; so simple with lots of great drum fills by Mitch; I still utilize most of those riffs to this day...
    He will be sorely missed on this earth.

    Harley Schoville

  3. Life IS too short Adrian. I'm reminded of that forever when I see my beautiful daughter. I miss her father every day still.

    Hug the ones you love often.

    A big HUG to you.

  4. Talking over a beer (or three) in a Miami bar (sports bar, rock n roll bar, doesnt matter)and the conversation would always drift towards "who was the best". My feeling has always been that during that particular moment in time-late 60's- Mitch Mitchell was the best drummer in the world (and I do love Elvin Jones). He incorporated all styles- ferociously- into his playing and was almost the virtuoso Hendrix was. "whatever happened to Mitch Mitchell?" we'd always end up saying, and now, sadly, I have my answer.

  5. The upside to Mitch's passing is that he has finished his assigned mission on Earth and has crossed the finish line where i believe he has reunited with his Experience brothers -- what a gig to see; the Jimi Hendrix Experience Live in Heaven!! God bless Mitch's Noel's and Jimi's souls, and thanks for the amazing influence you men gifted to all of us.