Thursday, November 13, 2008

Life is very shor Part II

the mighty krimson was supposed to perform on the west coast in 2009.
that was where we left things following our last night in new york city.
just before leaving for the power trios marvelous tour of 8 countries in europe
I received an email from krimson's strategic advisor mr. andy leff.
andy asked everyone for their schedules for may.
at the time I believed the power trio was booked in may,
which turned out not to be true (not yet)
and I said so in my reply to the members of the mighty krim.
somehow this was offensive and the whole tour
was called off because of my remarks.
for that I am deeply sorry.
I did not mean to offend anyone.

this morning I penned an email to robert with my apology
and my thoughts about the great adventure we've had thus far.
in so many words I told him I loved him and was very proud
of the work we have done together.

more importantly perhaps I said this,
"any time, any place you would like King Crimson to perform:
count me in. I will be there."

and there it stands.
doesn't mean krimson will tour again
but I certainly hope so.


  1. Hey adrian,

    We are waiting for you in France with King Crimson and the power trio !
    Please don't forget us.

  2. I had the feeling when the Nokia theatre doors opened it was going to be the last time...
    I'm sure any good crimhead will understands your situation.
    Hope to see you soon, again

  3. Hello Adrian

    Sounds to an outsider like you're just doing your best to keep busy and working: all power to you for that. I certainly don't see any reason to worry about having caused offense.

    Would love to see the Power Trio make it to London one day.

    Keep up the good work & very best wishes to you!

  4. Hi Adrian,
    Good luck re the Krimson matter esp things with your friends. And re your other mate Andre I like your sense of loyalty.

    Who says; 'I do not wish to *see* So-and-so.' in MMVIII?

    Well, here's hoping things settle down when you arrive in Australia. Your appearance on Rockwiz was sensational. We're not worthy.

    PS The pub at Bulli has Coopers on tap... G

  5. Dont feel bad Adrain. as a fan watching you since 1981, when i was 9, it would be no different if someone else had plans during the same time. Meeting and personally helping Robert Fripp on 10/31/07 at Rams Head in Annapolis was one the worst demoralizing nights i had ever had. I am fond of you for keeping it up for so long....

    Now, if you would only get a Tom Tom Club Reunion... ( ha ha)....

  6. It is hard to pass meaningful comment on an issue such as this, when you are not privy to all the details....
    But having followed this latest turn of events with much dismay, I am left wondering at Mr. Fripp's seemingly knee-jerk reaction and fractured public response.
    It seemed to me that Robert was certainly 'miffed' that you were not available to jump at his command - when He was ready....

    From Mr. Fripp's diary, "This is not a question of dates in a calendar, this is a question of the availability of attention, intentionality, focus, commitment, a willing-ness...".

    Well, I would certainly have to call Mr. Fripp on his commitment - to King Crimson, and his fellow bandmembers - when his own 'availability of et al....' can be so quickly discarded in the face of one initial speedbump on the rocky road that is the touring KCrimson!

    Interesting comment by Billy Schools above - and likewise, I also must commend you Ade, on having given so many of your precious years to the beast that is King Crimson. Your "availability of attention, intentionality, focus, commitment, and willing-ness" is profoundly obvious throughout it's body of work, and stands as true testament to your incredible talents and abilities, not only as a musician, but also as a wonderful human being. Thank you.

  7. OK, I feel this in my heart and I'm just going to say it. Adrian, I love you. Seriously.

    Better not tell Martha.

  8. Robert Fripp is a certified douchebag

  9. Maybe I'm the only one, but after reading Robert's diaries, I didn't get the impression that he was commenting on other's "availabity,..." etc, but on his own. He had a path, the path changed, and the new path no longer intersects with KC on the west coast. A shame, but, it is what it is. As anybody who reads Robert's diaries knows, moving the Mighty Beast of Krim is a major and serious emotional and physical undertaking for Robert. Understandably so. So when the inertia of that movement is broken, it's not an easy task to get it moving again. It seemed to me, that was all that transpired. No more, no less.

  10. Having never before seen KC or Adrian live, my wife and I have come to the agreement that we would much rather see the Power Trio than KC. That said, we look forward to trying to catch you sometime in 2009 (won't you think again about playing Salt Lake City?).

    Much Love,
    Vince and Daisy
    Prog'opolis hosts

  11. Adrian - How about you and the others members of KC get together and perform, sans Robert? He doesn't have to go through any of the normal pain he endures, you guys get to play. I'm not suggesting you call yourselves KC, of course, but maybe a Projekct? There are a lot of people out there who would like to see it happen, I'm sure, especially if it had Robert's blessing.

  12. Adrian:

    If the full Crimson doesn't happen, is there any chance you can get together with some of the others for a new Projekt?

    Or, if Robert objects to the use of that name, you can call it something else?

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  14. I agree with Tony. I just read Fripp's diary and interpreted it to be devoid of blame or any other negative feeling. He very clearly wrote that when he first heard of Adrian's scheduling conflict, he accepted it and moved on. Then, when informed that the dates were available, felt unable (emotionally, intellectually, spiritually, who knows?) to focus on those dates for the KC project.

    Adrian appears to understand this and offers his apologies, love, and availability to Fripp. That's just beautiful and a testament to the depth of their relationship, and to Adrian's ability and desire to transform potentially negative situations into positive ones.

    But some here, ironically wishing to support Adrian, appear to be determined to make something negative and destructive out of what Adrian is striving to make positive and constructive.

    It's interesting and a little sad.

  15. Is it me, or is there an echo in here?

  16. The Power Trio was more than enough Crimson for me last time around, so if history repeats, we have you and those Slick kids to
    thank for the great music meals being served onstage. I wanted to make the Nokia shows, hope its not an eternal regret. Thanks for everything Adrian, you are THE Best!

  17. It pains me deeply to see the great Crimson King in such distress.

  18. Love in all things.

  19. It's all good !
    Acceptance is the key.

    It will all come together if and when it is supposed to.

    Thanks Adrian and K.C.

  20. Ade,

    I think your approach is the best. It seems like Fripp is in constant struggle with his performance life. Encouraging him and being there for him when he decides to allow it to happen is definitely the best course. I don't live anywhere near the West Coast but I hope Crim keeps on regardless of these silly hiccups. Ade you rock.


    Acoustic Phenomena

  21. I really feel for you Ade re your recent postings: you obviously have a heart of gold and feel things very deeply. It's weird how at times things seem to conspire to either leave us feeling as if we have hurt people or to push us into a corner where we are forced to choose between friends.

    Hope all resolves itself.


  22. I would have to agree with Fripp on this one:

    "..this is a question of the availability of attention, intentionality, focus..."

    I would think that when strategic advisor Andy Leff asked for band members' schedules for May, he wasn't asking for what you beleived, but what was a fact (since strategic advisor's duties aren't generally geared towards arranging spiritual counseling, but towards organizing a lot of people, transportation and equipment). So it looks like Mr. Leff understood Mr. Belew's belief to be fact - and as Mozart said "believing and shitting are two very different things."

    Too bad Mr. Belew didn't hold the following thought in his mind before Mr. Leff contacted him:

    "any time, any place you would like King Crimson to perform:
    count me in. I will be there."

  23. It's easy for people outside of a band make comments about it, especially when its a band THEY LOVE, but its hard to know the dynamics unless you are part of the unit.

    Younger bands split up over stuff that in retrospect is silly. Seasoned players sort it out because there is history with shared joys and sorrows.

    I certainly hope that you and the Crims do tour again but more importantly I hope some NEW music comes out of the next version. Either way keep making music and I'll keep buying it.

    Also play Toronto again!

  24. Anyone who has ever been in a band, knows that it's hard to get everyones schedules together. It must be 10 times harder when you don't live in the same countries and some of your members have other bands and projects. Since Robert has been involved with bands for years I can't imagine this is the first time a sheduling problem has occured. It makes me think something else is the problem and this incident is just becoming the scapegoat. But if not and that's all it takes for Robert to give up that's pretty pitiful. You and Robert were highly influential in my guitar playing.
    Thank you for showing me there is a place for many types of guitarists.