Monday, March 4, 2013

New! Improved! Thinner! Bigger! Better! Fresher Than Ever!!!!

3 cheers for our favorite webhamster Rob Murphree!
year after year he does a magnificent job
keeping us informed and entertained.
I like what you've done this time around, rob.
thank you so much.

over the next few weeks the site will be tweaked
even more, for example this weekend we loaded
a pile of my paintings and photos into the media art section.
with more photos, videos, and cheap talk to come.

now the cat with the nine inch nails is out of the bag
I promise to endeavor to keep you interested.
this world tour is not something you should miss,
so I'll do my best to update, download, comment,
compose, document, photograph, and blogblogblog.
I want you to feel a part of this experience.

of course the real touring doesn't start until august
but there are plenty of things to talk about in the meantime.

for example, today is martha's birthday.
happy birthday sweetheart!


  1. Fantastic news regarding Nine Inch Nails! I guess releasing Dust on CD can wait... but please don't forget it!

  2. The site is looking good ! Love the links to your artwork.... A suggestion to add a link at the top for Tour dates ??

  3. A Tour Dates link is coming... Thanks and stay tuned.

  4. have really enjoyed this site , all the effort is much appreciated . thanks so much Mr. M and especially to Adrian for sharing so much . i dabble and i know it isnt as easy as one would think , also very time consuming . so thanks again , this is an outstanding sight , very cool what is going on here . Have fun !!

  5. Can not wait to see this line up,new web site looks great. Going to see one of the other of my top ten guitarists tomorrow night Steve Howe. R.I.P. Alvin Lee. Hope to push up a watermelon at your show....
    Love you Ade.

  6. I once thought Nails had so much unrealized talent to add to they're body of work.
    The way Adrian raise's the level of whomever he play's with should make life very interesting for TR in way's he could never imagine.
    Love you Mr Belew. Can't wait to experience your next endeavor.