Sunday, March 24, 2013

I'm back from japan...

and I'll be going back to japan
at the end of july for our first n9in inch nails show,
which will be japan's largest festival, the fuji fest.
for what, 150,000 people?
first show.
no worries.

I want to thank everyone who made it
to our crimson projekct shows.
you made them very special.
all 3 tokyo shows were sold out!
we ate again at the restaurant where kill bill's
gigantic fight scene was filmed,*
rode the bullet train to and from osaka,
visited the amazing department store called tokyo hands,
spent our night off enjoying my favorite band,
the parrots at the abbey road club in roppongi,
and played 4 terrific show to a grateful audience.
not bad.

now I'm back to my daily regimen of learning/absorbing
3.5 hours of new music, auditioning tons of new gear,
and mixing parts of my new solo project.
I'll sleep when I'm dead.

*actually the kill bill scene was started there,
before mr. tarantino decided to build a set instead
which looked just like the restaurant.
or so the story goes.

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  1. Hi adrian

    I share this video to you and all who read your blog

    Is a cover of a great song by King Crimson
    played by an excellent Mexican group

    Your work in every aspect is a great inspiration for all generation

    good vibes