Sunday, December 25, 2011

songwriting 101 (part 6)

this post is about 2 new songs:
13. also back in the day
rainbow unicorn

also back in the day
is the acoustic guitar version
of the keyboard-heavy back in the day.
it has a breezy jazz-like feel mostly because
of a drum loop played with brushes
and run through a bit of distortion.
not sure if it wants to remain an instrumental track
or if I'll eventually succumb to singing it,
perhaps even writing an addition verse.
as usual it is around a minute long.

rainbow unicorn was written on the AB parker fly.
I played it for a short period during the painting with guitar
show as a backdrop to the q&a section we had each night.
but it's grown into something more.
I wrote a short poem which I might recite as a voice over.
or..I might keep it an instrumental.
probably both.
it will also be short, but I don't yet know how short.
I'm recording rainbow unicorn first thing tomorrow.

and that brings us up to date on the record so far.
not all of the material is finished, many vocals are still required
but the good news, at least for me,
is I have written the words to all of these
so there will be no hang-up waiting for the lyricist.
I have 3 or 4 other songs ready and waiting in line
as well as things like variations of wave pressure,
though that may be for a separate record.

happy new year!


  1. variations of wave pressure along with the quick snippets you have shared about would be an odd and potentially wonderful pairing. Reminiscent of the two sides of Bowie's Low, at least conceptually. It all sounds great, however it ends up falling together. You always do wonderful work, Ade. thanks for the updates and happy new year!--Tadd from camp

  2. Are the songs all going to remain as short as they are now, or do you plan to flesh them out a bit? I've always liked when a song says what it has to and then ends, even if it takes less than a minute and a half to say it (think, maybe, Wire's "Pink Flag," or some of Eno's shorter stuff).

  3. This is already the best news of 2012! Excited to hear them and exciting that your creative juices are flowing.

    One day we'll have to introduce your dog to my cat. Peep meet Meep. Meep, Peep.

  4. I'd like to hear some Hendrix covers maybe All Along the Watchtower or Voodoo Child (Slight Return...

    Loved the George Harrison bit in the middle of Drive, Love the Drive song for that matter.
    I'd love to hear you do the song itself.

    Face to Face also one of my favorites,
    My favorite short guitar bit is in Elephant Talk after Double talk, double talk.

    Whatever you do you've been a hero of mine since I heard Lone Rhino in the 80's then I back-tracked through the Crimson stuff and caught up with your solo stuff.

    I love how you pull off backwards guitar live on stage.

  5. So wish we could have a little taste of some of these amazing works...any chance you might post a video snippet for us on FB or here ? Saw ( and loved ) the one that Markus posted this morning and thought it really would be a great marketing tool for you Ade.

  6. the new belew review !! i am holding my breath ...

    i got a silver fernandes revolver (sustainer)off of craigslist for cheep , wanted one for a long time . using this korg pandora with a new "digital" amp i threw together . its more of a powered speaker . the "tone" is amazing . i need to "learn" the sustainiacs ins and outs , but i am so exited to be playing . its been too long , i stopped when i got hurt . also cant wait to program the pandora , it has a software editor , weeee ! we set up a nice large work area i call fuzzlab , going to get rolling here soon , after a few more amps . all my parts have arived from Hong Kong and Taiwan , why did i wait this long to do this . oh yeah i didn't have time .

    have fun in there , (please resurrect the "bird in a box " tone ) i miss that lil guy , he wasn't around very long either .


  7. do you need a bass player?

  8. what happened to the more recent came and went...oddd

  9. hello.exactly. where is the more recent post mr. Belew:)? you have changed your mind and you don't want us to have USB 3.0 slots in our heads?

  10. Tickle....poke....we miss you :):)

  11. ther is nothing new on RF diary, ther is nothing new on Your blog...Does it mean you are bouth sitting somwhere writing new material:))?

  12. I have been a fan a long time.I have a question on your old strat that has been with you seems like forever(the one from Lone Rhino). What year is that ? And how did you get it? What's the story? You have pioneered musical history with that guitar.


  13. I'd love to know the story of that guitar, too! If Fender ever came out with an AB "battered strat", I'd buy it in a hearbeat(no pun intended). Thanks, again, for all of the great music, Adrian...god bless you!

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