Wednesday, December 14, 2011

songwriting 101 (part 2)

this post is about 2 new songs:
3. the war within me
4. I'm a food for you

"the war within me

to sink or to swim
I’m fighting to survive my own indifference
and most of the time I feel like giving up
because I know my best
is never good enough

a long time ago
I was a simpleton
I set my sights too high, I thought I’d always win
but now I’m getting older I see that ship has sailed
and left me here to ponder
the reasons I have failed

hour after hour
I sit in a chair
and stare out the window, I no longer care
I’m paralyzed by knowing the fundamental truth
that nothing really changes
no matter what I do

the war within me
problems I can’t solve
daily the battle erodes my resolve
and most of the time now I feel like giving up
because I know my best
is never good enough..."

sometimes you're perspective of life comes at you
in such a rong way as to disarm your ability to reason.

songwriting is all about perspective.

the war within me was written
on my favorite taylor acoustic using standard tuning.
it is 4 minutes long but I may make into two-2 minute parts.

the 4th song we've recorded is called
I'm a food for you
it's about the various foods the singer likes to eat.
and all of them are bad for you.

written on the yamaha motif keyboard
complimented with a rockin' band of adrians.
it's the kind of looneytune I may have written
back in the day of twang bar king.
meant to sound like a live club gig
with a blues-ish singer pouring his heart out.

except that he's singing about bad foods he likes.


  1. Thank you for sharing these views into the writing process. So many approaches, so many cool results!

  2. Man, I can REALLY relate to these lyrics, especially the third verse, which is basically how I've been feeling for the past month. I can't wait to hear all these new songs!

  3. Btw Adrian, I know "war" is a song (not necessarily a confession)- but please NEVER underestimate the wonderful, positive inspiration and entertainment you've provided. You've been and are a hero to nearly every great musician I know, and I hear tributes to you every time thay play. And when your songs address issues, I think they speak to many people. On that note (and forgive my ignorance of your complete catalog if you've been there before), have you considered tackling so-called "traditional medicine"? It seems that much wildlife endangerment stems from this - and human vanity I suppose (shark fin soup, ivory, fur...). Anyway... Happy holidays to you and yours!

  4. "War" sounds like the dark hours before one wakes up to realize You have to be happy with what you have to be happy with!

    Enjoying the insight!

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