Monday, February 28, 2011


I have no words to aptly describe last night's world premiere
performance of e with the metropole orkest at paradiso...

phenomenal? powerful? overwhelming?
those terms don't even come close to describing it.
the audience was stunned, as was I.

following the closing dynamic chord of e
there was a split second of shared amazement
followed by a huge surge of energy screamingshoutingwhistling
which nearly lifted the paradiso off its foundation.

pardon my french but the orchestra was fucking phenomenal!!
the sound was hugely powerful
and utterly delicate
aggressive and chaotic
and perfectly precise.

emotionally I was so overwhelmed
more than once I nearly burst into tears.
joyful tears, the best kind.

so perhaps those words are fitting.

I know this much: it was unlike anything
I have ever experienced before.

today, our day off between performing
and 5 days of mixing
I'm walking on air through the streets of amsterdam,
still in shock.

I can't wait to share this with those of you
who weren't able to be there.


  1. One of the best concerts I have been to so far. Indeed, the orchestra was fantastic, but the guy in orange shoes who played the lead guitar was equally amazing!

  2. Congratulations Adrian. Looking forward to hearing it.

  3. Yes, it was beautiful. And Biblos was good fun too. Thanks a bunch!

  4. It was overwhelming. Speechless is the right word. Congratulations Adrian. It was good to see you so happy.

  5. powerful, terrific and amusing!
    I was very happy to be there (a three days vacation who offered bad weather) and I was moved to see Ade's respectful face looking at the conductor's signs and his joyful expressions at the end of the concert. You gave fun as well...
    You deserve this! The music you created with "e" was, possibly, still more enjoyable in the orchestra version. A really good good work in the arrengements of the various parts.

  6. It was incredibly great - no words to describe. I know 'e' from the CD, I saw it live in Amstelveen (with the power trio), but this was even more powerfull and the best performance ever of 'e'. I must say I shared your joyful 'e'motions - tears in my eyes. I had to kidnap my wife to get her to your concert because we were so tired after staying with my dying mother (she died today). You gave us so much pleasure and power. Thanks again - see you soon.

  7. One of the best concerts I've ever seen.I had the luck to sit on the second row and see what an amazing guitar player you are.I listened to E on cd many times, but with the orchestra it was even better.I'm looking forward to a dvd/cd of this very special evening.
    Thank you Adrian and Metropole Orchestra.

  8. Congrats Adrian! Can't wait to see/hear this! Thanks for the sneak peak on You Tube. I must say that I could sense the spirit of Frank. It's great to see how happy it made you. Just like you make us happy!

  9. Awesome. This sounds like a game-changer for the better. Maybe Adrian with Orchestra tour? The Moody Blues did it for years since Red Rocks in 1992. Now it's your turn.

  10. Pardon my French, but the whole evening was fucking phenomenal. Goosebumps.

    A night to remember, it was THAT good.

    Can't wait for the CD/DVD/Broadcast.


  11. Thanks for affirming life on Sunday, Adrian!

  12. 'Wow!!' was exactly what I was thinking, and the first comment by yourself, afterwards. Thanks for the excellent performance!

  13. No question you took some paint off the walls with the Madness riff, and your reference to Indiscipline might have been one of the best solos I've heard you play. Your inspiration off the orchestra was palpable.

    Also a highlight for me was the 2nd track you played during your solo segment - real shades of Desire Caught By The Tail though utterly timeless.

    And of course, an absolute pleasure to chat with you and your team at Biblos. We are awaiting the results with baited breath.

    Cameron & Ch├Ątrin

  14. It was a perfect gig...
    Last year i saw Steve Vai with Orchestra too, but Adrian's gig was completly another world...

    I love also "Drive" (the 1th song of the solo segment) and the 2nd one...which is the title?
    Is there some boots where i can listen to and try to play?? (i'm writing "Drive"...on between few days).

    Thanks Ade.
    (and, as always, see u at the camp in NYC).

  15. Congratulations on living your dream, Adrian. Can't wait to hear it.

  16. Many thanks, Adrian!!

    Somebody said, it was perfect. So true. And it was breathtaking. Must admit, I had some tears on my cheek, two times or three...

    After the concert, I stumbled through the streets with this music in my head, and it still lingers on.

    It made me happy to see the joy in your eyes as you played and at the end, accepting the ovations. And you deserved it, as well as the fantastic Metropole Orchestra, Jules Buckley, Tom Trapp and all the other people making it possible.

    Thanks again to all of you! It should not have been the first and final performance!


  17. congratulations on your success !!

    music and art is the heart and soul of the people , and that is priceless .
    man am i gonna be using that line .

  18. I saw the rehearsal clip on YouTube and I'm very excited to hear the performance. Well done young man!

  19. Thanks Everybody who made this concert possible. It was total different than Amstelveen a few months ago. I enjoyed that concert with Julie and Marco too. But with the violins, the horns and the two guys with the xylophones, timpani en percussion made this special. I liked the 3 intro solo numbers as well. Especially the new not recorded song. It looked like you were inspired by the Arabian revolutions last week. The weather is better now in Amsterdam, so I hope you have a nice stay here the next days.

  20. wow! I just saw a video from Paradiso, this is insane project! I hope you will make a bigger tour, even I can just imagine how much this must cost...
    anyways, greetings from Croatia, please remember us in the near future (tour) ;)

  21. Congrats on what sounds like one of the most successful performances in your long and esteemed career. I hope that this show is soon made available to the public.



  22. Congratulations on your musical accomplishment...and also congratulations on the newest "member of your band". Mazel Tov, Grandpa.
    Check in sometime and say hi.

  23. It was a real gloomy, rainy, windy weekend in Nehterland, but the sunday night...was the presence of power, harmony and the hidden happiness of music. It's just stupid words, but how can i describe the best concert in my life? Thanks!

  24. Beautiful !!! So happy for you and so deserved ..Cant wait to hear it all ..xo

  25. I made some pictures, they are here:

    It was a fantastic performance, I feel fortunate to have been there.

  26. Pardon my english, I'm a litlle french guy that was there ! All the show was great, including your solo first part that gives me goose-flesh !

  27. You scared me("bugabooed")! I am very gentle woman. I worried,I thought of,I prayed. And everything ended so splendidly! I wanted to let you know I was(am)filled with admiration,but I didn't do it due to large crowd of fans. Ay!

  28. we have been "tuning in" to all the content from Holland . What a treat ! all of the material has been top notch , thanks so much . Pt2 .

  29. I'm very happy, always good to know you're happy! very well adrian go !!!! come from Brazil!!!!!!!

  30. Hi Adrian!

    Giving the show a listen here:

    Sounds great. It's really neat to hear how the parts got distributed to the orchestra. Nice work.

    Great sound quality on the recording as well.

    Thanks for being awesome!

  31. That was a very good night. The music was impressive and fun.
    We got a bit distracted up in the balcony by the boots of the blond viola player in the back though..