Wednesday, February 24, 2010

variations of wave pressure.

when albert einstein was asked if science
could someday explain everything his reply was,
"it's possible, but why would you want such a thing?
it would be like describing a beethoven symphony as
variations of wave pressure."

hence the title of the newest composition
I've been working on for the last several weeks.
variations of wave pressure will be performed live
for the first time ever at the Big Ears Festival
in knoxville on saturday march 27 at 1:00.

I am hard at work fitting the various sections
I have written thus far into one coherent piece
and practicing the very delicate performance necessary.
it involves playing two guitar parts and a bass part
simultaneously, something which might not
even be possible except for the mighty Axe-FX Ultra.
I've taught it to be three musicians
(the title of one of my favorite picasso paintings)

as often happens for me a new technology (the axe-fx)
creates the need for a different technique
which then forms the basis for a new avenue of music.
as well as writing this one-man composition
I'm hoping this will produce a vocal song or two.

I'd love to explain how the variations technique works
but I'm meeting with my tutor daniel in just a few minutes
so I'll leave it for a future post.


  1. so can you leave the webcam on while you do the performance?

  2. exciting news. that axe-fx unit is really capable of a ridiculous bunch of sounds. can't wait to hear what you come up with for it.

    i still can't believe you worked through all the parts for "e" live by looping.

  3. Will we get to hear this stuff on the solo tour?

  4. dang.... is it possible? i think i am a little turned on!!! three of YOU!!!????


  5. your hard work is soooo appreciated, love it when your creative juices are flowing. Looking forward to attending the unveiling of " Variations of Wave Pressure " thanks Adrian.

  6. 1:00 Sharp Mr. Belew.

  7. will there be more solo dates? Come to North Carolina please. My 85 Bronco II can't make it up I 40 West!!

  8. CORRECTION, 2:00 Sharp.