Tuesday, February 23, 2010

the poor man's tenori

you may remember my raving about a new musical device
I tried at this year's NAMM show called tenori-on.
for those of you who have an iPhone there is now a new
app called tone pad pro which is a very simplified
version of the tenori-on and which I highly recommend.

guaranteed to be one of the most entertaining $.99
you've ever spent, the tone pad pro can easily be played
by anyone, musician or not, and of course if you make up
something you like you can save it to hear again.

there are $698 worth of differences between the tone pad
and an actual tenori-on, little things like 256 sounds
to chose from and to alter any way you please (tone pad
has 1 sound, but a lovely sound it is) and the ability to
create 16 different layers of loops. but the idea is the same:
you touch the dots on the screen and a loop is created
instantly. to undo a dot you simply touch it again.

trust me, you need to try this. it will keep you occupied
for hours on end and beats the heck out of reality TV*.

*well, except for maybe pawn stars.


  1. Looks very similar to a Monome (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Monome)
    Saw the musician Daedelus demo one in my college a few years back.
    Very impressive instrument, beautiful use of digital technology.

  2. there's a cool web version of this here:


    if you right click the grid (control+click on mac), you can copy a code that represents the pattern, and paste in others'. so basically we get a cool trade going on.

    try pasting this in for a special message:

    have fun!!

  3. Pawn Stars is pretty cool.

  4. 8322,17488,35368,70916,8322,21828,32802,87380,32802,21828,8322,70916,35368,17488,8322,69892

  5. Thanks for the recommendation Adrian.

    My daughter draws shapes on it so now we know what shapes and letters "sound" like!

    We're looking forward to seeing you this weekend.