Friday, July 10, 2009

once a fidget always a fidget...

four days of sun worship is my limit.
not one to sit idle for very long,
immediately after our florida getaway
I began a brand new secret project.
I've been recording it for 2 weeks
and now have 5 songs in the can.
I'll tell you more about this in a couple
of weeks, but for the moment I'll say this:
the secret project could very well become
brand new record #3 for 2009.

speaking of new records, I'm glad to see
some of you are finally taking the jump
and purchasing the new michael clay disc
a cup of coffee and a slice of time.
for those of you still sitting on the fence
I received this review from yogini67
which echoes my feelings about coffee

"Received the 'Coffee' cd yesterday, and I have to say
I was not prepared for how beautiful it is!
It was surprisingly emotional for me to hear your music
played this way. I can only imagine how it is for you!
The sad/sweet cello is perfect in ' The Lone Rhino '
it literally brought tears to my eyes. ' Union Terminal '
is brilliant. I love it all.
Michael Clay is wonderful,
no matter how many hands he has.
Everyone should have a copy of this,
thanks again for always surprising me."

if I were a shoe salesman (which I'm not)
I would say, "buy one now. what've you got to lose?
if you really don't like it, it'll make a swell christmas
gift for your distant cousin."

if you still prefer to play it safe, we will be playing
coffee as the play-off music after each of our upcoming shows.
give a listen. you might be surprised.


  1. Adrian, I am so glad you liked the review, I love the CD.
    Can't wait to hear more about the " secret project" it is all very James Bond :)

  2. Five songs already! That's a very good sign! Here's hoping 10 more happen at the same lightning speed. - S.

  3. re: coffee/time, any possibility that we hear some samples posted on the website...? that would be nice to help fencesitters find their way.... thanks!