Saturday, July 11, 2009

e's nearly here


  1. Please get it out before the Chicago gig!

    Or, at least, have it for sale at the gig!

    --an anxious customer.

  2. Hi,Adrian...! I saw you twice in Córdoba,Argentina.The first time,with King Crimson Double Trio,1994;the second,your solo acoustic show.Both shows incredibles,unforgettables for me...!
    If you understand a little bit of spanish language,please visit my blog.You're welcome!!!
    Thank you for your amazing music!!! You're a great musician,amigo...!
    Big hug from a argentinian fan.

  3. Look… here I am I have tried out things in the same manner as you described and guess what!!! I have been successful in taking up the challenge and fulfilling the endeavor finally!!! There cannot be anything better than this.