Monday, October 22, 2007

This Is What I Believe In/Standing In The Shadow (duet)

this what I believe in/
standing in the shadow (duet)
volume 4 number 4

during the making
of inner revolution
manager stan made
the good suggestion
that perhaps a "sparing partner" would assist the recording process. we asked bears drummer chris arduser to join me in the studio for two days to hammer out 4 songs.

for this week and next I'm offering the 4 songs we did in their barest form, just guitar and drums. perhaps the bassist would like to play along? as usual, I find it informative to hear the very beginning of tracks before the additional bells and whistles. so this is what chris and I played for two days in August 1991. I hope you find it interesting as well.
in this is what I believe in the guitar (which sounds like two parts) was played on one guitar by means of the Roland GR-50 synth which allowed you to write a different sound on each string. using an acoustic guitar patch I wrote a different tuning for each string in addition to the original note played on each string. the resulting chords and running lines would otherwise be impossible to play. the lyric has a few lines which seem even more relevant now than they did 16 years ago when they were written so I'm reproducing them here:

hold tight to your faith
don't let nobody make you jaded
your love is precious
give it somebody who deserves it
this is what I believe in

hold tight to yourself
don't let nobody give you hell
your life is sacred
live it right, live it your way
this is what I believe in

all the world is a cannibal
even time itself will eat us all
but that's no reason to be a jerk
you either make it better
or make it worse

I believe this, I believe it's true
I believe it, I believe this

all the world is dangerous
full of homicidals and terrorists
but underneath their blanket of hate
the only thing that will survive is our love and faith.

drums: chris arduser
guitar: adrian
engineer: rich denhart
assistant: dan harjung
recorded at Royal Recorders in Lake Geneva, Wis
on August 19 and 20
length: 7:33


  1. Yes, quite relevant today. These are some of my favorite songs of yours. Speaking of Chris (one of my favorite musicians), are the Bears coming out of hibernation again soon? Thanks for your blog!

  2. fishhead:
    there is no plan currently for more bears dates.
    we tried unsuccessfully to put together galleyfornia dates for december.
    next year's planning thusfar only allows for trio dates and krimson rehearsals.


  3. sad to hear about bears shows falling through, people just don't know what they're missing. as for new kc i can't wait! please send the trio to canada. i'm jonsing for a show.

  4. While we're requesting KC shows--please come play in Oklahoma City. I promise I'll come see you and make every single one of my friends come too.

    Since I'm a man of considerable influence, you can count on at least 5 people being there! :-)

  5. ...And the same goes for the trio as well!!!!!!

  6. I have actually used this song in a sunday school class I used to teach for junior and senior high students. they loved it! one of the funniest comments i heard was "does he only do christian music?" i didn't know how to answer!
    -keep up the great work

  7. Timeless messages, timeless music. Though so many tunes from Inner Revolution are great, this is my all time favorite. Just love your voice in this song and everything about it works really well.
    Thanks again!

  8. such a nice, clear song. it's always good to hold on to your faith, and be true to yourself (and your school).

    hope you got some good "after" calls on your cars.....