Monday, October 29, 2007

More Congratulations!...

to my pal and bandmate Tony Levin
who was given a Lifetime Achievement Award
by Bass Player Magazine this weekend in NYC.

well, tony,
I guess you're finished now.


  1. Ha! I suspect he'll be Sticking around for some time yet... 8)

  2. Way to go TLev!! Something tells me there's a lot more left in our beautiful bald-headed, bass playin' man.

    From one history lover to another...

  3. he deserves it, congratulations to the mighty Mr Levin

  4. I once had to explain the importance of Tony Levin to a non-musician. The best explaination I could come up with was that Tony Levin was "The Bruce Lee of Bass". This comparison was completely understood and the non-musician's response was "oohhh really".

  5. Blessings to Tony , from one first week of June baby to another, you deserve it.
    Just ordered "The Crimson Chronicles vol.1." There are some great b/w photos of you and the boys!

  6. Practically the only musicians' web sites that I go to are Tony's and Adrian's. I rarely even go to dgmlive.
    Can't wait for Crim to get back together.