Monday, September 3, 2007

Small World (instrumental remix)

small world (instrumental remix)
volume 3 number 18

on October 21, 1989, five days after recording I am what I am
I began another new track in the same manner
as last week's download.
same team, same studio, same drums,
bass sound, guitar set up, mics, etc.
every song is a precious commodity.
I had especially high hopes for this track
but was ultimately disappointed in the result.
why? the writing, recording,and development
of the new material for young lions
was shoe-horned into a small
time slot out of necessity.
I simply ran out of time to develop
the lyrics I wanted and at the last minute
I had to write something, anything
to fill out the record's final piece small world.

bass, drums, guitars: adrian
engineer: rich denhart

assistant: dan harjung

recorded at Royal Recorders in Lake Geneva, Wis.
on October 21, 1989
this re-mix was done on october 25, 1989
length: 3:46


  1. i've read many times how Young Lions was rushed; i may even have read the Adrian wasn't too pleased with the overall result. All this is hard for me understand, cause it's one of my favorites or his ... ranked right up there with Side One and Here.

  2. If this is what "rushed" sounds like then hurry up, would ya ?

  3. OT for this thread:

    I never thought I would have an HDCD player for to hear the Hi-Def layer of sides 1-3 ( and hopefully four ).
    I have become a surround sound enthusiast and ,on my limited means ,have built up a pretty decent poor man's system for same.
    The universal players for SACD and DVD-A discs, as with most new formats, were pretty expensive at first, now you can get a decent Universal player for under 150 bux.

    Anyway, the latest player I have picked up is an Oppo DV-970HD.
    As an added bonus this machine decodeds HDCD as well as SACD and DVD-A.

    How awesome these discs sound in high-def through the six speaker set up. ( probably not as good as Studio Belew but, still incredible. )

    Ken told me a while back that the Belew catalog whould probably, eventually, get the 5.1 remaster treatment. I hope this is something that will remain in the pipeline for future consideration.

    I hardly ever turn on my stereo rack system hi-fi anymore.

    We miss ya Ken.


  4. Maybe Young Lions was rushed but it was truly a great complete album. Surrealism has well illustrated that constraints often enhance creativity. Sometimes it is the blank piece of paper or the completely open schedule that defeats the artist. Nevertheless our babies don't all turn out Einsteins. That track has a truly great bass line but lyrically no it's not anywhere near your best work. It just does read as if you didn't get a chance to better it once you got a draft or two down.

    I sure wish more artists engaged in such candor. Thanks for it. There's only time to toot our own horns it seems.

    I like all many of your recordings in many different ways and hate to crown certain achievements over others but Twang Bar and Music Head remain favorites. But Young Lions is really good too. Small World is such a fine song as is Gunman.