Friday, September 28, 2007

How To End Up Imitating Bob Dylan In Concert With Frank Zappa

it's quite a simple path, in fact.
first, you audition for frank.
okay...strike the word simple.
you rehearse for 3 months with frank.
on friday nights you go home with frank
to work on next week's material.
if you're lucky he may show you
one of his upcoming new songs.

frank does not play guitar
and sing at the same time.
he either plays or sings, but not both.
you discover why.
when frank plays and sings
he sounds like an injured folk artist.
so, as frank sings his new upcoming
injured folk song called flakes,
you begin to follow him and sing along
but you do so in a bob dylan voice.

likely frank will crack up and say, "that's it! that's in the show."


  1. Hi Adrian. You are so full of interesting stories. Keep 'em coming:) I was feeling a little "belew" this morning and as I was in the shower I began singing Inner Revolution. So, when I got out of the shower an overwhelming urge came over me to listen to the cd. So, I put it in and had the time of my life nude belly dancing to Inner Revolution!!
    Why am I telling you this? I have no idea. I just felt the urge to let you know some of the crazy ways your music inspires people-well, me anyway. Thank you!

  2. Brilliant! I always loved that "Dylan" bit in Flakes especially the spazmotic harmonica insert. Keep the stories coming!
    Hope you'll give us a run down on the Talking Heads tour some time. They have the Rome show from 1980 up on YouTube and you're the star.


  3. Wow LDT! A.B. and Bernie Worrell on the same stage! Thanks for the tip.

  4. Ade:
    I must say these stories are quite unique(not to mention so very funny) You have the wife and I just laughing with out control !
    The very best of wishes,
    Chris & Jeree Anderson
    Eugene Oregon

  5. I have always wondered what “mandies” are, - as in “Wanna buy some mandies, Bob?” Pleeease tell us, it’s driven me nuts since 1977.

  6. Mandys are:
    Mandrax - methaqualone
    For thoses of you that were not around back then, methaqualone was marketed in the U.S. as Quaalude.

    Uncle Bob used to have a penchant for the little buggers!

  7. Hola, and yo, Adrian!
    Bobzilla from 1600 here, hoping all is well with you, Martha, Saul, and them way 2 Slicks! In case anyone wants to hear your redux of that infamous Dylan impression, have them visit for the vid clip of our interview from June. Hope the other footage came out well. thanks again, looking forward to Side 4 and the next visit- the sooner, the better!
    Best to all,
    Bob (for Steve and Jerry)