Friday, December 14, 2012

the last in a series of four,

this painting is acrylic 30 by 40
painted on november 11, 2012.
I like this form in particular because it divides
the canvas into 5 sections to be treated differently
and yet still contains the simple "dancer" motif.
I plan to do as many more of these as I can

until I feel I've exhausted the idea.


  1. Interesting as always! Are you able to tell us any more about the music you're producing?

  2. Love the paintings! Still fondly remembering camp this past summer...was a great time. Can't wait to hear more on the projects you are working on.

    --Tim Gardner

  3. new desktop image ! thanks for sharing these , i have been using pc's at home since dos days , i had a tandy trs-80 ... NEVER used backgrounds / screensavers , until you started posting these , and i love them , thanks for sharing !!

  4. Why does this remind me of the tv dinners I ate as a child? Taters, Salisbury steak, peas, cornbread, etc...
    Write an accompanying jingle (like the "$5 footlong" one that you know who stole from you), and send a copy of this to folks at Swanson's. Might be a tv commercial in the making here. !?!?