Monday, August 15, 2011

e for orchestra! it's here!!

like an 8-year-old kid running to the Christmas tree
on the BIG morning to find the gift he's longed for
I answered the door to greet Dan, our UPS man
and to help him unload boxes of joy.

we now have a limited run of CD's and DVD's of

e for orchestra
the metropole orkest with adrian belew
conducted by jules buckley

the CD's are from the two-day studio recording session we did.
you hear every little detail in tom trapp's fabulous score.

the DVD's are of the amazing one-time-only performance
at the Paradiso in Amsterdam on February 27, 2011
which was filmed beautifully in HD with a 5-camera shoot.

both are wrapped in a striking black artwork
designed by our own mark colman.

I would characterize the differences in the two this way:
the studio version: pristine and powerful,
the live DVD version: raw and exciting.
if I were me I would want both.

my apologies for the extended time taken to produce
these beauties but as with most special things
it is worth the wait.
so please join in our celebration of this very happy occasion.

"I've never heard the Metropole sound like this!"
gert-jan blom, director of the metropole orkest.


  1. Finally time to relive the fantastic night I had in February.

  2. i live in El Salvador :( i want one...

    Would it be possible for me to buy one??

  3. Just ordered the CD and really looking forward to it. One question: Are the other pieces played at the concert in Amsterdam also contained on the DVD?

    Thanks for giving us such fabulous music!

  4. georg,
    thanks for reminding me. yes, there is an encore which includes orchestral versions of POSTCARD FROM HOLLAND (my song to the people of the netherlands) and FRAME BY FRAME (a burning version orchestrated by tom trapp)


  5. I LIKE IT!!
    I repeat myself... I LIKE IT!
    "e" is awesome!!
    Are you coming back to Argentina? I missed your last show here (a year ago, I think)

  6. Yay !!! Raw and exciting is on it's way :)

  7. Is there any chance of seeing snippets of the DVD and the CD?
    I can't decide which one to buy :)


  8. Got both versions ordered, looking forward to hearing this great music in a very different format!

  9. OH yea! We're with you Adrian....We want both! On our way to Store belew right now! Can't wait to hear them!

    Darek & Tracy

  10. the word :) I received the DVD today, thank you for such a quick mailing !!!
    I had goose bumps and a huge grin from the first note. The only word I can think of is transplendant and that is not even a word:)
    I loved " e " with the Trio, but this feels like how it was meant to be heard... Once again you have exceeded my expectations Adrian, Bravo !!!!! Everyone NEEDS to have a copy of this in their collection. I will treasure it...Thank you xoxo

  11. Darek and I just saw the dvd of e for orchestra this afternoon (which we got in the mail today) and we totally loved it! It was so made for the full orchestra! It's my favorite version so far! I'm sure a dream come true for you!You so well deserve it!Got tickets to see u in Knox. and Nash.Can't wait! Tracy

  12. just got home from being away to hear this wonderful news. meet you at the store in a minute...


  13. I was there and of course i'll have all the version possible....
    My poor english don't make me understand a thing: i had to order in the site ori can buy in the shop??

    To have simple things, Adrian, bring some copies at the "Three of a perfect pair camp", i'm in new york and after 1 day of travel from Italy i'm sooooooooo excited for this camp!!!!

    See you tomorrow whit TLev and P@!!!

    Claudio S.

  14. Hi Adrian,

    There doesn't seem to be anything on your site about your upcoming events in Urbana-Champaign, IL -- am I missing something?

    Chris DeVito

  15. this is cute , i am sure you may have heard it though , Phil Baugh , one man band :

  16. My dvd arrived today,what an amazing performance. Thank You so much

  17. I Ade, this is my italian review of this fantastic DVD:

    Many thanks!!!!