Monday, January 3, 2011

to open my eyes ever wider

so I might see life differently.

that's my new year's resolution.

when I was 27 years old frank zappa
once scolded me for being "too happy-go-lucky".
my aim is to get back to that status.

time to get happy.

Happy New Year!!!


  1. And to you! Looking forward to hearing and seeing what you come up with in oh-eleven. Get yerself back to Knoxville soon!

  2. It's very hard to change your mind, because the mind is the first thing, which is thinking about possibility to see life differently.

    My new year's resolution is: don't look back to the bad things, happend to you, remember only things, wich were worth. Keep this happy memories to that time, you'll feel horribly. Keep off the people, who didn't bring you anything giving rise to better personality. Try to learn anything new about yourself.

    So have a nice day and looking forward to see you in Europe very soon!

    Happy New year 2011!

    Tereza H.

  3. Happy New Year! Let this year will be differ than others.

  4. After almost 16 years of police work, I'd give just about anything to be more happy-go-lucky. There's something to be said for that mindset. Enjoy it whenever you can. Happy New Year, all the same. I can't wait to hear what the new year brings from you, musically.

  5. You can never be "too happy go lucky"... Zappa called it wrong that time...

  6. Adrian, It may be time to check out or Prog'polis. The "Vince" Show,#20 I believe. I think Robert has taken his fight a bit far. Listen to the Podcast and share what you think. Vince says he's met you and that he knows you and oh yes, btw, Darren, you know and I know that Zappa never calls it wrong!

  7. Hi Adrian,

    To “see life differently”

    On 22nd of december, getting ready for christmas, commenting the nativity the Pope in Rome said: “By taking our flesh, the Lord saved us from the sin of our first parents; now he bids us to become like him, to see the world through his eyes and to let our hearts be transformed by his infinite goodness and mercy.”

    Hit me the sentence “to see the world through his eyes”:
    it is not a description of art aim?

    It could be my new year’s resolution

    Happy new year!

  8. Open your eyes...inside, in this wonderful city of the heart..look around and stand very still..very the peace can find you.

    A " happy go lucky " Capricorn that is a rare bird ...
    Sending love and light to you Adrian, Happy New Year !

  9. :)

    not one for that sort of thing (ny reso) but

    thats a GREAT idea .

    i need that 2

    seriously , ha , ha HAAAA !


  10. I can help! :D I do happy really well.
    Zappy New Cheer!

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  12. Happy New Year! Abrí tus ojos, abrí el corazón, venite nadando hasta la Argentina y comete un asado con un buen vino tinto.

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    1. that's my new year's resolution.

      when I was 27 years old frank zappa
      once scolded cialis me for being "too happy-go-lucky".
      my aim is to get back to that status.

      time to get happy.