Thursday, August 6, 2009

the bandmaster hat...

I love the YouTube videos so many of you have posted.
my friend dave lefkowitz (former manager of primus)
referred to the power trio videos as
a YouTube phenomenon
because of the abundance of postings.

there are two problems for me personally:
(1.) most YouTubes cannot replicate the sound or power
of the bass and (2.) I hate the way I look.

the problem is my hair or lack thereof.
I'm not really as vain as that sounds, but let's face it:
BALD is beautiful (witness sir levin)
BALD-ing is pathetic. (witness sir belew)

I suppose I could continue to be good natured
about it and simply wear one of those
"solar panel for a love-machine" t-shirts
or continue to make my joke that I'm wearing
a balding wig underneath which I have a full head of hair.
or simply surrender to the implications of aging
(i.e. death) and endure looking horrid on
the world-frickin-wide web!

but I've decided instead to try wearing a hat onstage.
not just any hat, but a hat that has meaning for me.
here's the story: from 6th grade through 8th grade
I was in the Ludlow Jr. High Marching Band.
(ludlow is a rivertown at the top of kentucky).
I loved donning my band uniform
(except for the white spats) and parading about.

my aim in life at age 12 was to be the "band director".
as such I would teach the students all the different
instruments, chose pieces of music to play,
choreograph the halftime show pieces and most
importantly, I would wear the bandmaster hat.

here's the rub:
I purchased the hat pictured above. I love it,
but it won't arrive for another 10 weeks!
if any of you know of a hat of this type
(classic cadet style, size small, new or used)
which can be purchased now
please let management know asap.

I'm desperate to be beautiful.


    Maybe one will arrive at one of your shows delived by a fan. But that is a pretty cool hat. I remember the days when you had the pony tail i used to have long hair and at one point I decided i looked too much like Gallager the comedian. you know the guy with the Sledge - o - matic. So I cut it short and have left it that way ever since.

    I think my reason for going bald was that I used to tease my friends who did right out of High School. So at 24yrs old my hair started to fall out in handfulls. Guess we can't all have that ultra cool look that Sir Levin has but hey....bald is beautiful~!

    and HATS are COOL!

  2. How about some hints regarding the super secret project?

  3. haha Funny Scott.

    Good luck with the hat.

    Your rivals over in Piner called it Scudlow High. Not me, them. :P

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  5. A local high school or college marching band might have one you can use. Maybe this is the lead-up to a new CD: marching band arrangements of Belew classics! Oops, I just gave away the secret project, didn't I?

  6. professor belew:

    face it. the real reason tony can pull it off is the gigantic mustache.

    do what must be done.

  7. Funny Cyrus. that's true ! Ade you do not NEED a hat!You look great and there is nothing sexier than a balding green eyed capricorn guitarist named Adrian, at least that's what I think's that for a niche :9 BTW on my third full listen of " e " and it is exquisite too !

  8. I always liked your very short hair look back in the 70's - early 80's. But mine is turning gray. Everywhere! And my guitar refuses to sound like yours.

  9. My husband Roy is losing his hair and I think he is absolutely adorable. You're in good company


  10. Adrian, I think you need a hat that says GM&O....

  11. Cant believe I have to tell you what a great example/role model you are to the hairing impaired. You have never looked anything but fantastic Mr Belew, and anyone who says otherwise needs an eye exam. Yeah, a railroad hat and some more transportation tunes, could be real cool! Dont short yourself, you look great!

  12. Forget the hair. The trio's spirit and enthusiasm comes through so forcefully, even on video, that it all works. Can't wait to see you at Maxwells.

  13. There are several "military-style" hats like the one you posted on eBay. Many are Russian, but there are some US ones also.

  14. Adrian, with your interest in YouTube videos of the Power Trio, will there be a professional DVD of the band in the near future? This would be WONDERFUL!

  15. Interested on your thoughts about how much better the Trio gets over time, say 2006 compared to 2007 compared to 2008 and of course to now, 2009. They started out great - really fucking great actually - but every tour has been tighter and better than the last (I can only imagine when I FINALLY get to see some of this e live... OMFG!) And I feel the same way, the bass does not come through enough. I know that when I am at shows I am always blown away at how much power she can dish out on that thing. Watch out walls!

    Ah well, at least we have the films. :)

    Thanks again Adrian.

  16. Awesome hat, indeed, but I suggest that you shave your head and do someting amazingly creative with Tony Levin :)

  17. Having faced the same biological insult to my vanity over the last decade or so, the conclusions I've reached are
    - shaving works for some, not others, and commits you to a lot of daily scraping
    - bald surrounded by long hair works for no-one
    - bald surrounded by very short hair is ok
    - hats make you hot
    - being Adrian Belew overrides most of this.

  18. Another on to add to Norman's conclusions - Pony tails fashioned from neck hair....not okay! :)

  19. (1.)The sound of bass action alarms me too.I think that not a soul is able to return this power.That high-tech will help.Only full live.
    (2.)I also thought about a few cosmetic surgeries (being afraid that I will fall short of expectations),but it downed on me that after all it is about a soul.And I have the beautiful soul,what is understood ,albeit my part is positively more warm.

    Your soul seems to be also very attractive,Mr Belew.Cordial greetings.
    Icy Red

    I'd like still to add that I am I.This alien entangled by the English.More cordial...

  20. FWIW, Adrian...I'd trade all the hair on my head for your musical ability.

    Maybe we could work out some kind of deal?

  21. you are what you believe you are ...

    stretch out!

  22. Adrian, I hope you'll permit an off-topic question:

    In your solo song "The Mommur", you keep hitting a repetitive riff that verges on the edge of irritating (but which works just fine with the song).

    I was just curious, because the riff almost sounds like a sardonic slap at the main riff from "Frame by Frame". Is the riff in "The Mommur" a satire on the riff from "Frame by Frame" and is it a joke about practicing that "Frame by Frame" riff?

    I've had the pleasure of seeing you live twice, once with David Bowie and once with King Crimson. One of these days, I hope to see you perform once again. Thank you for your time, and for your art.

    Denver, CO

  23. Hi Adrian! You may be losing your hair but don't worry, your fingers are in excellent form... do you have any plans of coming back to Argentina? The Trio is AMAZING!

  24. ooooh man , that hat is sooo awesome .

    i want one , bad .

    Pt2 .

  25. actually this reminded my wife of a photo shoot we did recently as a joke . i am wearing a captains hat i normally reserve for riding around on my pedal boat that is jammed full of unnecessary electronics . i thought you might get a kick out of it and there is a short explanation as well :

    photo link:

    my boat (FFWD to 1:45 for a mini tour) :

    thanks .

    Pt2 .

  26. Hi Adrian! Why not try a borsalino hat until the bandmaster hat arrives? No need to feel desperate ;-)

  27. Unkle Charlie was tasty tanned long-haired crazy-blue eyes with a 25 years of martial arts body. Whenever I'd get the rare pleasure to hang with him I would be shaking and taken over by pure passion. I thought I would never meet anyone as hot as him ever again. But guess what Ade, I met you, twice in San Francisco. How could you not know that your Hot! Not to mention, I love the way you look!

  28. well---i'm the wrong person to ask----along
    with any member of our family-------
    (old nickname--the hair people)---it's a SLICK THING-----anyway-----you can personally ask eric/julie about "capt'n hats"------old vacation thing we used to do whilst they were youngins---if you "havto"----a beret--maybe---
    all i can think about is on SEINFELD--CONSTANZA---gets the toup---and ELAINE---tosses
    IT---out the window----george goin crazy-------
    anyway---time does things--to us--bodily---
    and my wish is "wow--wish i could play guitar-
    ON STAGE----i'm too busy watching fingers-run up and down the neck of the parker-fly---wacking that whammy bar--smiling you ass off---
    whilst "dem other two"--and you---make up---------THE GREATEST LIVE BAND-(ESP TRIO'S)--
    IN T H E WORLD-------love you-peace---
    gary---(old grayhaired)slick

  29. I started losing mine in my 20s.
    Finally, about a year or so ago, I walked into an old fashion barber, plopped in the chair and said "give me the Bruce Willis".
    Not only do I get compliments on it, it's so nice not to have "do" anything with it. lol
    I have always tried to accept it.
    You looked good when you did the Tony Levin thing back at end of the world. ( 1999>2000 )
    You look fine now too...

  30. I'll say YouTube cannot reproduce the power of the bass! I was at your performance last night at the Sellersville Theater and we were blown away! Loved it! I have your first two albums, then I got a little distracted by life, (kids) Came across your CD Inner Revolution a while ago, and recently saw you were playing at Sellersville and bought tickets, so glad we did!

    Oh my, your hair. Fun getting old, eh? My husband is bald, it don't confront me none. He does wear a hat a lot. Just cut it close and forget about it!

  31. Yeah, buzzcut the sides and you'll be fine.

    That's what I do, since I don't have the face for a full Tony Levin (oh, how I wish I did).

    It's low maintenance and won't get matted or pushed around under a hat.

    As for the hat: How about one of those long shoreman caps?

  32. Ah. So you want us to videotape the shows and turn them into Youtubes! *wink*

  33. excited to see that BandMasterHat hit the stage right in front of me next week. woo hoo

  34. Just got home from the Power Trio show in Petaluma, CA at the Phoenix Theater. My 7 year old daughter is a fan and it was her first rock concert. We looked for, but didn't see the cool hat. My daughter said she thinks you're very handsome. She heard you guys play her favorite song, but she was too sleepy to make it through to the end. Thank you for a great show--what a treat.

  35. This looks pretty exciting. The performance is rocking and looking improved than the previous once.

  36. Awesom hat. A rock'n'roll band needs to be able to get under people's skin. You should be able to clear the room at the drop of a hat.

    r4 dsi