Thursday, April 23, 2009

and there we were!

to all of you who showed up for our quick midwest jaunt: thank you so much for your inspiration and enthusiasm. we, the trio, were thrilled with your response, especially to so much new music you've never heard. amazingly, 4 out of 5 were sold out! not an easy task in this economy. I'm not sure what caused the low turnout in my hometown Cincinnati (maybe they are tired of me) but the fans who made it out were fabulous. it was nice to see rob bear and bob bear and so many other dear friends I rarely get to see. kenny and christy nevels, stan hertzman, john reynolds, laura nyswonger, cassandra stepp, joe madrigal (the original guitarist for sweetheart) jeff crow, phil bates (who made a lovely woodcut of each us) and terry williams, one of the first drummers I learned from. my only regret was the low turnout. on the other hand, in st. louis our sold-out crowd was one of the loudest audiences ever! on a thursday night! peter jest, our long-time shank hall promoter was very pleased with the milwaukee audience*. I could tell because he was telling drummer jokes after the show. both chicago shows were knock-outs and proved to me the importance of playing to seated audiences. some people prefer it to club settings. in chicago we were able to meet with some of our staunchest supporters from the manufacturing sector. interestingly our main endorsements are all in chicago: parker guitars for me, lakland basses for julie, and ludwig drums for eric. we couldn't be happier with the instruments they produce and the treatment afforded us.

this year has started off slowly compared to last year's windfall of shows across 3 continents in 18 countries, but there are reasons (apart from the economy). first, we needed time to complete e, a very important step toward the future and second, we needed to change booking agencies; something which always requires time and effort. the good news is more dates across the USA are on their way! and maybe something in the fall for europe as well.

also on the way are two new records for your listening pleasure.

* to the two people who hated the show at shank hall: I am sorry. you can't please everyone, but I like to try. I hope you two will still give e a chance. new music often takes more than one listen to appreciate.


  1. well----excellent posting----
    i as YOU KNOW -wasn't at---cinncy--show----
    couldn't join-together--with the band til-
    st-louis---so--here's my theory-----
    sell outs--4 for four----with "slickdaddy"--
    aka--gary slick--present----ahem--cough-ummmm
    hmmm-----thanks for all who chatted-with me--and made me feel welcome--(my first time in MID-WEST)----and what shows they were----thanks
    and andre---great job--behind the scenes----
    and to martha---great seeing you-----
    and--yes----i have film--from the "night at martyrs'"-----karaoke------and wild dancing---

  2. two new records !!

    well let me see here
    i know one of them is e
    whats the other one ?

    how can you tell if the drum riser is not level?

    the drummer only drools out of one sidwe of his mouth!

    sorry , Pt2 .

  3. We’re not tired of you in Cincinnati Ade! I think the disapointing audience size was a combination of: Only 9 months since last show + Lousy, Coooold, Wet Weather + Middle of the week = Small Turnout. Please come back soon, I’m still smiling from that show (even if I did jinx you).

    As for the two sour opinions I suggest you not expect a King Crimson show when you go to see a band that isn’t King Crimson.

  4. If you guys make an appearance in Europe I'll do my best to make it from Ireland to see you.

  5. i, for one, hope the mystery 2nd album is actually just the audio from the KARAOKE VIDEO g-slick mentioned above. "we are the world.."!

    anyway, the two losers from milwaukee can go swimming with a brick! buncha weenies. i think you guys could play 'Hot Cross Buns' over and over and i'd still have a great time.

    stay shatterproof, and get yourself to california please,

  6. Adrian,
    I am from Milwaukee, born and raised. I saw your show and it was the cream or the crop. PLEASE dont let these fakes give our city a bad name. If any one of you who had enough nerve to gall me by speaking out in this manner, and represent our great state with such negativity, please reply and we can sort this out. Belew for life--

    Taylor J Collins

  7. Europe in the fall? I'm going to hold you to that. Any chance of the UK?

  8. Ade,
    I'm sorry I wasn't able to catch any of the Chicago area shows this time around. I'm glad I was able to see the Trio at Fort Wayne though.
    As for the Cinci turnout: Could it be that the advertising missed the mark? I have a good friend who is a Belew fan and he hadn't heard of the show when I emailed him the day of. You know Cinci and KY love ya!

  9. I have caught Adrian the last 3 times here in St. Louis, and it is always a real treat. This Power Trio is awesome. Great show. Please keep it up, Adrian. Eric kicks and Julie is the bomb!

  10. Good to hear there's more dates coming up! I try to catch you every time you play here in Nashville, and have NEVER been disappointed! And your performances with Julie and Eric are totally amazing - you guys have such tremendous synergy together - leaves me with "concert high" for days!

    Looking forward to hearing/purchasing "e", and seeing you guys soon!

    Diane/Nashville, TN

  11. SOOOOO looking forward to seeing the Power Trio and hearing " e " at the Riverbend in June , and two new cd's WOW !! Lots of birthday presents for me this year .
    You guys are the best !!! Any Florida dates planned ??? Can't get enough AB.

  12. Come join us in Estonia Ade, sure I can sort you out with a good venue if your promoter doesn't have the contacts there.

  13. Is there a chance to see you in europe this year ??
    Greetings from Germany
    Volker (the guy who missed your concert in Groningen/NL last no no)

  14. Adrian, hello. I am from Argentina, ¿are you ever coming back? Please please, do come back! Seriously, ¿is in your plans coming back here?
    Pardon my english

  15. Hey Adrian,

    We'd love to see you guys in Tulsa. Come play the Cains Ballroom!

    Thanks for all the years of great music!


    Dylan Turner

  16. Can't wait for TWO new CD's....Oh Yeah !!!
    Nicely Done !!!

    Mike Piazza

  17. Hey Adrian,

    Can you dig it?

    Elvis Presley

  18. What a treat to hear e fresh and new. It was so nice to chat with y'all and thanks so much for coming up to Wisconsin again, I had to work the last 2 Shank Hall dates so this was a special show in many respects.

    Respect, yeah that about sums it up. Oh hella lots of fun too!


  19. Wanted to make the Cinci show, but having 2 kids doesn't a road trip make. Please consider coming to Columbus OH sometime.

  20. Really enjoyed seeing the Power Trio at Bulli hotel.One show I will probably never Forget. Unbelievable to see at a pub.I first Heard Disipline on Adelaide radio in 81 and I don't think Iv'e heard anything that good on radio ever since ,oh yeah "Back in Black was fun"

  21. What a good News !!!
    Once again in Europa this Fall.
    I saw the 3 shows in Switzerland last Winter and I will do the same this Fall.
    Welcome back in Switzerland (homeland of the greatest european A.B fan )
    Patrick Rossier

  22. Adrian, I was definitely NOT one of those that hated the Shank show. One of the best concerts I've seen in years! My jaw is still on the floor. Where did you ever find those amazing young musicians?

    Thanks for signing my arm.

  23. Adrian,

    I can't believe I missed you last year (I was in Mundelein for a tour of the Parker factory when you were here!) and so far this year no scheduled appearances in South Florida. When you DO come back down, I'll be there.

    And THANK YOU for the wonderful interview that you gave to Six String Bliss. That's a fantastic guitar podcast, and your interview is one of the best things I've heard from them in my year of listening.


  24. Here's hoping the trio will make it back to upstate NY this summer. I had the pleasure of seeing the band at Revolution Hall in Troy last year, and the embryonic fragment of e you played was the highlight of the show as far as I'm concerned. I can't wait to hear the whole piece.

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  26. I caught one of the Chicago shows and it was great. Mr Belew, I envy you for having the chance to play with such talented young bright folks. It must be great.

    My son has taken lessons at Old Towne for a few years now and at the bright age of nine, he is now telling me all the things I am doing wrong, to which I answer...but that's how you get the cat sound out of your GR-20...:)

    Please tour again, so I have the chance to bring him this time around. Hope all is well with you, your family and bandmates.


  27. I am so glad i live in the midwest. Seeing you at the Southgate house is the best! I got to see the last show you did last year and The kick off show this year. The power trio is really got there stuff together! And it was a pleasure to meet the misses!

    I cant wait for "E" to be released. I love your music and looking forward to the next time your at Newport....
    ....and the next time you are at Newport, do you think you can play your version of Black in Black for us midwesterns?

    Thanks Adrain for all the great music and shows!!!

  28. i missed the south gate house show..and am from dayton. I didn't know about it till the day of.

  29. dayton is high on our list to play.
    remember, we made side 4 there.

    we love the audience, the venue,
    the promoter. great place to play for 200 people.

    see you soon,

  30. Cheese -- a bit confused about a potential May 28 Nashville date -- can you or Martha clarify -- chomping at the bit!

  31. I'm a fan and saw one of the Old Town School shows in Chicago. I'm just learning drums and was seated front row balcony right over Eric. I couldn't believe my luck. What an incredible evening. I can't wait to hear more. Come back soon!

  32. hi,
    we want a side four and half with the new track list!

    pierluca from milan, italy

  33. Okay, it's Let's Embarrass Eric Slick is not only his 22nd birthday, he moves into his magnificent new house complete with soundproof basement studio...yeah Eric!

  34. I had the privilege of purchasing the very last ticket to the Old Town School of Folk Music show in Chicago. Adrian, you are an inspiration - always finding new approaches to guitar yet still being true to your sound. Thank you!

  35. This is unrelated to your blog post, and I don't know if you will even get this, but that's alright. Adrian, you are absolutely amazing. Your music his opened so many doors in my life, and even got me interested in my (now) husband. (He had the song "something to do" posted to a page, and that made me want to get to know him even more... silly, no?)

    We got married Saturday, May 23rd, 2009. We chose one of your songs to be our first dance song. We found that rather suiting, considering our history together and with your music. We danced to "Beautiful". While not everyone at the reception knew the song, everyone enjoyed it.

    Thank you for creating such amazing music time after time, and keep up the fantastic work! We've only had the chance to make 2 of your shows in the last 2 1/2 years, but here's hoping we make it to many more! :)