Monday, March 3, 2008

People (demo)

people (demo)
volume 4 number 12

note: certain tracks from dust are already available on coming attractions.
one at a time we will make these available as FREE downloads for those of you
who may be collecting the entire set of dust tracks as MP3s. people is one such track.

king crimson spent a month in argentina as a means to write and play in new material
for what would be our first record of the 90's thrak. nearing the end of this process I
felt we were low on "upbeat" material and so offered this song to the band. though I
had made this demo version a year before, the band never heard it (I didn't have it with me)
which is probably just as well. the krimson version is very different from this one I recorded alone.

drums, string bass, guitar, guitar synth, vocals: adrian
engineer: noah evens

recorded at home in Williams Bay, Wis.
on Sept. 24, 1992
length: 3:49


  1. Really like the nonkrimized version of this in Coming Attractions. Calmed down after the recent near-death experiences? :P

  2. Posted 3/7/2008 6:17 PM (#843)
    Subject: Bush Retirement-Hippie-Funky-Punky-Reggae-Dance Party #1, Mojo Ballroom, Monday 9-12


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